Beautiful Father Video – ‘APOLOGIZE”

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However, the father role here is Louis Szekely, known professionally as Louis C.K., a Mexican-American comedian, screenwriter, producer, film director, actor, voice actor, and film editor.

In this video, it is portrayed how a parent should teach his child some manners; specifically, the value of apologizing.

A simple “Sorry” that may seem so hard to say and which often times causes rifts and conflicts when there should be none.

The dad here tries to drive home a point across his daughter; that you have to apologize even if it’s not your fault, just an accident or a simple unintentional error on one’s part.

Shows here that communication and authority is a must in teaching children some values. While onlookers had advised slapping the child’s mouth and pulling the hair so she’ll obey, the father preferred to just talk to his daughter calmly but with a streak of authority for her to understand what he is trying to teach her.

The child understands the lesson, but when a woman accidentally hits her as she passed by them, the child sees it proper that the woman should apologize, too.

The woman repeatedly refuses to do so, and nonchalantly walks away, leaving some harsh words.

The father gets caught in the middle as the erring woman was so arrogant and refuses to say sorry to the child; thinking it was a stupid thing.

The father brought the matter to the manager of the store, explaining it is relevant to reprimand the disrespectful customer because he was trying to teach her daughter about apologizing.

But then again, the woman, when called by the manager became more heated up and then walks away again, leaving everyone.

At the cashier area, the manager appeared with some policemen who arrested the woman for apparently “insulting a minor.”

What happens next is simply amazing.

Watch the video: (Click the link)


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