Making dreams come true

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By Jackie Pau, Wed 13 Aug 2014

Ever since I was a young girl, I have been in love with language. Words fascinate me. I love reading for books open up new, exciting worlds. Despite being introspective and introverted, connecting with people is equally life-giving, especially if I can help them feel better about themselves, assist them in gaining new insights about themselves or their lives.

Although I have a fair idea of what my natural talents and abilities are, and the ones that have been passed down to me through my parents and grandparents, attending Jumpstart led by Derek Chong, set off many new light bulbs. God’s revelations to me began as far back as I can remember, if I but reflect on what He was revealing to me then.

It has been a transformational weekend for me for not only have I rediscovered truths about myself, Jumpstart has helped me put things into sharper focus. While I am living my dreams right now, Derek encouraged me to dream greatly, to go beyond what I am presently doing.

What if there are no limits or obstacles to your dreams? What if failure was no deterrent? I quickly realized I had set limits on my dreams in the last 25 years. I had therefore shelved the dreams of my youth for I thought them unattainable. They have since received new life.

Derek reminded all of us that God always has a good plan for each of us, but the question is whether we realize or recognize this truth? God wants us to dream the impossible dream or plan for it was put there by Him. Derek also reminded us that if we get to know God and ourselves, then we will love and trust Him, and in so doing, we will want to serve Him by bringing that impossible dream to fruition.

As I worked to come up with my personal mission and vision, set goals and objectives as well as fill in a list of things to do in the next two weeks, I realized the importance of planning and making concrete steps.

Planning has never been my strong suit, as my DiSC results will tell you, but if I believe in God’s plan for me, then I must, and can make it happen. I will keep reviewing my game plan and I will keep goal setting every six months to fine-tune the plan and make sure I am still on the right track.

Exciting times lie ahead as I continue to allow my dreams to breathe and grow.

NB Derek is also a life coach and runs a bunch of other great workshops and seminars. You can get in touch with him to find out more:

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