Becoming a missionary disciple

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by Jackie Pau, 16 Sep 2015

 It was an old, wooden cross 
worn with age, dusty, chipped in places
no longer appealing in its weatherbeaten facade.
One day there was a loud crack 
as a deep crevice ran down its face 
exposing a grievous wound.
It’s broken now, quite useless,
fit to be thrown into the bonfire
thought the priest – it cannot be salvaged.
But heeding an inner whisper
he called the craftsman in to see
With his UV light, the master came,
poring over carefully the body he saw otherwise
such ancient beauty wrought by prayerful hands
There was gold beneath, artful and precious
it was magnificent, a breathing masterpiece
suffocated through years of callous living
waiting quiescently to be restored
to sing out once again the joy the creator felt 
as he glorified God by answering his call. 
Deep calls unto deep so dive into the deep
the Spirit invites us to see beneath 
the impression of every encounter
the mask of every person to discover the gold
the priceless image of God that lays hidden
under the thick patina of lies and worldly distortions.
Lech-Lecha, God’s call to Abraham was this:
Go, leave the place you are now residing
Go within, and journey toward yourself
Go for you!
Unless you do, you will remain forever stuck
a missionary, an NGO, who journeys long and hard
bowed under the weight of stone baggage 
but who never arrives at your desired destination
unable to truthfully praise and thank God 
no authority, no authenticity, in your actions
just rigid and controlling meanness
a priest or prophet with spiritual bad breath 
a shallow soul without nobility
There can be no ministry without contemplation
you cannot know the Lord’s heart
His desires for you without wiping 
bitter tears off His feet, breaking 
the jar of past hurts and disappointments,
and anointing His feet with the perfume 
of your miserable, worthless past
allowing Him to wipe your tears,
heal the wounds with His mercy and love
He will go with you where He calls you
if you let go of your life and let Him restore you
breathe new life into your being
Glorifying you as you glorify Him.
The journey is long, the journey is hard,
it is also impossibly beautiful, and good,
a joy to behold: for you, for others, and for God

NB Thank you Father Martin Cilia for sharing how we as missionary disciples should live the inner journeys and outer pathways of our lives.

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