Pastoral Counselling Course can lead to radical change

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Testimony By Jackie Pau

Although I have the privilege of being a cradle Catholic, I had a very rudimentary and immature understanding of Catholicism in my younger days. I was guilty of walking away from the Church as the values of the world made more sense to the young adult that I was.

The world, not surprisingly, was unable to satisfy my desires and I grew increasingly unhappy, and more broken. I was stuck in sin, and despite everything I did to fill the emptiness inside of me, I remained unfulfilled and starving. I was searching for truth and love, essentially God, but I did not know it fully then. So by the time I attended Pastoral Counselling School* (PCS) in Bangalore in 2003, I was ready for radical change in my life. And radical change was what I got.

For the first time in my life, I encountered God in a very personal way through Jesus Christ. I learned how much the Father loved me and was waiting for me to return home, and that He had already forgiven all my sins. I just needed to do the same for myself, to find my way home. Jesus showed me the way in the people around me – the ‘teachers ‘, the facilitators, PCS staffers and fellow participants. I experienced forgiveness, and love, the type of love the world cannot give.

Through the seminars, I gained insight into how my past had shaped the person I was. I learned how childhood hurts can impact one’s life in the present, and how one can rise above personal hurts and brokenness through inner healing. I also received a better understanding of who God was: He was the loving and forgiving Father. As such, I was able to reclaim my identity as Beloved Daughter of God. I even discovered what my vocation was, and it was in Bangalore that I crystallized the meaning of life, my life, in a most profound manner.

I fell in love with Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, and I committed myself to following Him for the rest of my life. The spiritual healing I received gave me the courage to let go of the less salubrious parts of my life and move forward. I won’t lie, the intervening years have not been easy, for choosing God’s will in all things requires great sacrifice. However the inner peace, the joy, and the many blessings, I have since received, make the journey worthwhile.

PCS was where I learned how to truly praise and worship God with the reverence and passion He deserves; to fully engage in the Eucharistic celebration, awed by the beauty of the liturgy and sacrament. I also received a taste of what community life was like, and wanted more. I was glad to be Catholic for there is such richness in the faith to be mined. My time at PCS was transformational, and set the groundwork for my formation as disciple.

Since 2003, I have been gone on to deepen my knowledge of Scripture and Tradition. I found a spiritual director and a community, prescribed at PCS as important for continued spiritual growth. I got heavily involved in parish ministries as well as ICPE ministries and outreaches. I go where the Spirit leads, sincerely bringing my limited gifts, endeavouring my best to spread the joy of the Gospel, the joy I first experienced at PCS all those years ago.

If you want to say yes to Jesus in a more enlightened and committed way, to experience inner healing and the deep joy of communion with the Holy Spirit, to truly see what the Way, the Truth and the Life is, attend the upcoming Pastoral Counselling Course in August. Come and see, with an open heart, and be transformed.

The ICPE Mission has years of experience in the area of Pastoral Care and Inner Healing. The Pastoral Care Course is a shortened version of the *Pastoral Care School (PCS), which a 3 week live-in programme.


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Pastoral Care Course – Empowering the Wounded Healer

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