Ongoing Ministries



This faith formation group started in 2007  for ladies of ages mid twenties to forties who desire for a spiritual journey with other sisters in deepening their encounter with Jesus.  It normally begins with a time of Come and See Experience where new ladies can be introduced to the ministry meetings, which is followed by a one-year weekly formation.

Currently, we have started a process of committing ourselves for 3 years to deepen our journey and preparing ourselves for outreach.  If interested to find out more about our ministry or our upcoming outreaches, do email us at


A fortnightly outreach ministry to a crisis shelter for women and children since April 2009.  We conduct bible sharing and faith formation sessions for residents of the shelter who are Catholics/Christians or interested in the Christian faith.  We are constantly inspired by the faith of these ladies.  Though it seemed that we are here to give the sessions, we receive much more.  We were also very encouraged by the ladies who have already returned to their home countries.  One shared that our sharing group was the highlight during her stay in this shelter and another sent us a message that she remembers all of us and praying for us and that  “though she has no money, she has no worry as she is  with God”.


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